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National Humanities Center’s Humanities in Class Webinar Series and Digital Library

Registration is now open for the 2020-21 Humanities in Class Webinar Series. Each webinar is a live, interactive professional conversation led by prominent scholars on compelling topics in the humanities. Appropriate for educators at all levels from K-12 to collegiate classrooms, each session features research, source documents, and readings to support the discussion. Participants receive a certificate of completion to document five hours of professional development to meet continuing education requirements. All webinars are free of charge. Learn more and sign up for one – or sign up for them all.

From left: Alex Keyssar of Harvard University, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas of the University of Pennsylvania, Geraldo Cadava of Northwestern University, and Elizabeth Lew-Williams of Princeton University

In addition the Humanities in Class Digital Library is now available to the public. The Open Education Resources (OER) platform, provides direct access to the National Humanities Center online educational content. Individual educators and scholars, cohorts and schools, districts and states are encouraged to join and contribute.

The digital library offers useful features to help easily discover, remix, and share humanities content. Register to start enjoying the benefits of the Humanities in Class Digital Library.

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