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Let’s Talk Live: Alex Nyerges, Director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Grateful American™ Foundation and the VMFA = Connecting American History + Art History

November 11, 2015

lets_talk_live_logoNews Channel 8’s “Let’s Talk Live,” reporter Kidd O’Shea helped viewers make the connection between American history and art history when he interviewed David Bruce Smith, founder of the Grateful American™ Foundation — and Alex Nyerges, director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Kidd said: In January 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, Virginia’s political and business leaders bravely demonstrated their faith in the future and their belief in the value of art by opening the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. This beautiful renovation houses the museum’s permanent collection, which currently has 33,000 works of art from almost every major world culture.

So we are thrilled to be here today with the museum’s director, who will share with us the link between art history and American history. And, of course David Bruce Smith, will share insights from his perspective of  helping to restore enthusiasm in American history for kids — and adults


Kidd asked:

  1. David — Let’s start with you. You founded the Grateful American Foundation in 2013, and since then have done dozens of interviews at some of the nation’s most prestigious historic homes. You recently did a video with Alex at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. What inspired you to want to connect American history and art history?
  2. Alex — Tell us more about the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
  3. Alex — Now tell us about the link between American history — especially during the first 100 years, which is the period that David’s Grateful American Foundation is currently focusing on.
  4. Alex — What else is happening at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts during the holiday season that we all might want to travel to Richmond to see?
  5. David — You always share with us a fascinating fact. What is one thing you have learned about art history during the first 100 years during your interview with Alex at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts?

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