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Let’s Talk Live: David Bruce Smith + Curt Viebranz, president of Mount Vernon

May 1, 2016

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When it comes to shining a spotlight on the Founding Fathers, David Bruce Smith’s Grateful American™ Foundation does a great job finding the fascinating facts that bring them to life.

On this episode of Let’s Talk Live, reporter Sonya Gavankar interview Smith — and Curt Viebranz, President and CEO of George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Don’t miss their Q&A.

Sonya Gavankar said: 

With Washington’s birthday coming up on Feb. 22, and President’s Day being celebrated next Monday, Feb. 16 — it’s a great time to give our audience a little history lesson on the nation’s first president, George Washington.

  1. David: What is the one thing that the Grateful American Foundation wants everyone to know about George Washington?
  2. Curt: As president of the Mount Vernon Foundation, what do you consider to be the most important accomplishment of the nation’s first president?
  3. David: The Grateful American Foundation’s website features tons of fascinating facts, interviews with the folks who run the nation’s presidential and historic homes — such as Curt, who is the cover story on your site this month. And we know that you believce the founding mothers are as important as the founding fathers. Why is that? And, what is one fascinating fact that you’d like our viewers to know about Martha Washington?
  4. Curt: Mount Vernon has scores of interesting events happening for kids — and adults. Tell us about a few things that are happening this month to celebrate Washington’s birthday.

Be sure to watch the entire episode!

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