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Historic Deerfield Features “Abigail & John”

written by David Bruce Smith and illustrated by Clarice Smith

The 18th-Century New England Village is two hours from Peace field, the Adams's home in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Abigail & John, the children’s history book, written by David Bruce Smith and illustrated by Clarice Smith, offers readers the opportunity to view prominent scenes in American history through the remarkable lives of one of the country’s most beloved couples—the Adams’s. Exploring the historical significance of a partnership that spanned over five decades, the book details the love they shared for each other and the country. From carefree childhoods to years of war, to the births of their children, and the beginning of a new nation, Abigail & John looks into the unique roles the Adams’s played in the formation of America, and contributions and sacrifices they made for the young country.

Historic Deerfield is an outdoor museum that interprets the history and culture of early New England and the Connecticut River Valley. Visitors can tour twelve carefully-preserved antique houses dating from 1730 to 1850, and explore world-class collections of regional furniture, silver, textiles, and other decorative arts on display in the authentic period houses and in the Flynt Center of Early New England Life, a state-of-the-art museum facility featuring exhibitions and a visible storage area. Our research library, the Henry N. Flynt Library, includes more than 21,000 volumes (reference works, microfilm and newspapers) on the history and material culture of the region.

 David Bruce Smith is the author of 12 books, and founder of the Grateful American™ Foundation which is restoring enthusiasm about American history–for kids and adults.

Clarice Smith has been painting professionally more than 40 years, and has had numerous solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Israel.

Abigail & John is the inaugural book in the Grateful American Book Series, which will focus on presidential and historical marriages that influenced the nation.


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