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Who patented tin cans?

January 19th

5789604_1January 19, 1825 — Early American engraver named Thomas Kensett patented the first tin cans in America today with the help of his father-in-law, Ezra Daggett.

Kensett’s first claim to fame was as the publisher of a key map of the area of conflict during the opening stages of the War of 1812.

By 1825, he had moved to New York City, where he set up a small canning plant on the waterfront. At the time, fish, fruits, vegetables and meat were sealed in glass jars, but Kensett found them expensive and prone to breakage. Plus, they weren’t hermetically sealed. For him, the solution was tin. And so his invention was born.

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— Geoffrey S. Fletcher, American screenwriter, film director, and adjunct film professor at Columbia University and New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in New York City

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