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Alexander Hamilton’s Grange
New York City

A Founding Father's Uptown Estate

Merchant’s clerk, Revolutionary War soldier, first Secretary Treasury of the United States: Alexander Hamilton’s life is memorialized at The Grange, the home he built on a country estate in uptown Manhattan. A faithful testament to early American architecture, it stands today as a tribute to its first owner’s many accomplishments.

Hamilton Grange National Memorial preserves the home of Alexander Hamilton, completed in 1802. While New York City changed drastically around the home, it preserves the legacy of Alexander Hamilton and his role in founding the United States. The restored home is now open for visitation and lies on a three-acre plot of land within St. Nicholas Park. Visitors may access the outdoor grounds of the home, or the interior of the home.

Alexander Hamilton: Image by Wikimedia Public Domain

The only way to access the Historical Floor of Hamilton Grange is on a tour. Tours of Hamilton Grange are 25 minutes in length. The tour is limited to the historically furnished floor of The Grange. A ranger or volunteer will be your guide during your tour and answer questions that you may have.

All tours are free, and first-come, first-served. To go on a tour, please arrive onsite with your entire party ready to go. Please be aware that tours may reach capacity before your desired tour time, so please be sure to arrive early. Hamilton Grange does not offer or require booking of advanced reservations for tours, unless there are ten or more people in your party.

Visit Hamilton Grange National Memorial New York website to plan your trip.

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Hamilton Grange National Memorial
414 W 141st St, New York, NY 10031


Hamilton Grange National Memorial


Wednesday through Sunday10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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