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Implementing Abigail & John at Home and in the Classroom

From David Bruce Smith, author of Abigail & John, comes an engaging and illuminating instructional video designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Created for teachers and parents alike, this video tutorial provides inspirational and creative activities along with teaching strategies aimed to get the most out of the highly regarded book Abigail & John .

Abigail & John looks into the unique roles the Adams’s played in the formation of America, and the contributions and sacrifices they made for the young country. The video perfectly complements the book and illuminates the endless possibilities for using the text at home and in the classroom.

The video discusses literacy activities created to engage and support readers. Art activities are also covered, which connect students with the unique and brilliant art produced for the book by world-renowned artist Clarice Smith. Furthermore, STEM-based activities, and of course, Social Studies activities are covered in-depth, as well.

Video Contents

1:27 – A Closer Look at “Abigail & John” – About the Book
4:30 – Reading Activities
15:40 – Social Studies Activities
23:38 – Arts Activities
31:17 – STEM Activities
44:00 – Assessments
45:06 – Conclusion

Additionally, a free downloadable curriculum packet features activity sheets to go with the activities discussed in the video, as well as assessment materials. These sheets will assist teachers and parents in further engaging students with the Abigail & John book and its rich content.

Abigail & John is the inaugural book in the Grateful American Book Series, which will concentrate on presidential and historical marriages that influenced the nation. For more information about the children’s book visit

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