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AP World History course is dropping thousands of years of human events — and critics are furious

by Washington Post June 15, 2018

Since 2002, the AP World History course has covered thousands of years of human activity around the planet, starting 10,000 years back. But now the College Board, which owns the Advanced Placement program, wants to cut out most of that history and start the course at the year 1450 — and some teachers and students are appalled.

The College Board, which is a nonprofit organization, announced recently that it was making big changes in the course, and said it would publish an updated course and exam description next year for the 2019-2020 school year. The more than 9,000 years that will no longer be covered in AP World History will instead be put into a new series of courses the College Board is creating for high schools that can afford to purchase it, called Pre-AP World History and Geography.

But some teachers and students have protested, saying the new course will eliminate vital material that students need to make sense of later periods, and that it will be too centered on Europe.  Read the entire article >>

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