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AdLit Interviews Author Lynn Ng Quezon about the Power of Perseverance and Honor

The 2023 Grateful American Book Prize winner discusses writing her award-winning debut novel "Mattie and the Machine"

December 22, 2023

Through her protagonist in “Mattie and the Machine,” based on Margaret E. Knight, a 19th century female inventor, author Lynn Ng Quezon wants her young readers to know that achieving your goals by working respectfully and honorably even when facing obstacles not only helps others but oneself. Ms. Quezon is the winner of the 2023 Grateful American Book Prize.


Lynn Ng Quezon is an engineer turned writer. An alumna of UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan, she’s marched in the Cal Band and competed in the Michigan Ballroom Dance Team. She currently resides and occasionally cosplays in Silicon Valley with her techie husband. For more with Lynn, visit her author page.

This author interview was produced through a partnership of the Grateful American Foundation and WETA.

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