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When was Annapolis the capital of the US?

November 23rd

d013233aNovember 23, 1783 — Annapolis, Maryland became the US capital of the newly forming American nation when the Continental Congress met from in November 1783 (from the 26th to June 3, 1784).

In fact, this city is where the Treaty of Paris was ratified by Congress — on January 14, 1784 — which ended the Revolutionary War.

Other claims to fame for Annapolis: In 1786, delegates from all states of the Union were invited to meet in Annapolis to consider measures for the better regulation of commerce. Delegates from only five states (New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware) attended the convention, known afterward as the “Annapolis Convention.”

Without proceeding to the business for which they had met, the delegates passed a resolution calling for another convention to meet at Philadelphia in the following year to amend the Articles of Confederation. The Philadelphia convention drafted and approved the Constitution of the United States, which is still in force.

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