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It took a Long Time for Abigail and John Adams to secure a place in history.
Now, what?

Louise Mirrer, president & CEO of New-York Historical, interviews author David Bruce Smith about Abigail & John and their times.

The author has collaborated with artist Clarice Smith on a compelling, historical biography of Abigail and John Adams. “Abigail & John” is a unique children’s book about one of America’s most-treasured couples–with stunning and original illustrations. The couple was not just husband and wife; they were partners who helped nurture the U.S. in its formative years.

The Adamses were firsthand witnesses to historical events such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, and the Continental Congresses. They met revolutionary leaders and heroes including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and America’s first president, George Washington along the way. See history through the eyes of Abigail and John Adams as you learn the true story behind their powerful and influential union.

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