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DCTV features Grateful American™ TV Show

July 4, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 4.43.04 PMJuly 1, 2014, Washington, DC — Today marks the start of the airing on DCTV of the Grateful American™ TV Show, co-hosted by David Bruce Smith, founder, and Hope Katz Gibbs, executive director, of the Grateful American™ Foundation.

These 6-minute episodes of the show, including fascinating interviews with the directors at “Alexander Hamilton’s The Grange,” and “Lincoln’s Cottage at Soldiers’ Home.” Coming later this summer are interviews with Kat Imhoff at James and Dolley Madison’s Montpelier, and the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution.

And that’s the beginning.

In the fall, the first of 14 28-minute episodes of the Grateful American™ TV Show will be aired in a weekly time slot.

In addition to DCTV, these will air on several more public access channels throughout the DC region, and beyond. Stay tuned for more information as the show rolls out.

“We are thrilled to be rolling out the episodes of our show on all of these channels,” says Smith, who credits his father, Robert H. Smith, for inspiring him to create the Series. “As long-time journalists, Hope and I have a great time interviewing the directors of the presidential and historic homes — for our goal is to restore enthusiasm in American history for kids, and adults. Having our show air first in our nation’s capital on DCTV is the perfect first step.”

Gibbs adds: “We are honored to be part of the DCTV line-up, and look forward to providing interesting content for the hundred of thousands of views that the station reaches across the region.”

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For more information

  • See all the episodes of the Grateful American™ TV Show at
  • And learn all about the Grateful American™ Foundation at 
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Hope Katz Gibbs, executive director, at and 703-346-6975.



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