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June 2015: How Much US History Do Americans Actually Know?

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.04.33 PMWhen it comes to having a deep knowledge and understanding of the history of the United States, how much do you really know? “It might be less than you think,” writes Saba Naseem on, which asked Grateful American™ Foundation founder David Bruce Smith what he believes can be done to fix this problem. Click here to learn what he has to say.

Because we always want to increase your history IQ: This month, we bring you an interview from News Channel 8’s “Let’s Talk Live,” where Smith and historian Allida Black give us a glimpse into what the country might have been like had President Lincoln not been assassinated 150 years ago. Click here to watch their TV appearance.

That’s not all: On May 20, we attended the 2015 Washington Book Prize at Mount Vernon, where one of four finalists was named the winner of this year’s $50,000 prize. Who took home this coveted honor? Scroll down to find out. And click on the links below to read our Q&As with the other three finalists, who are featured this month in our growing History Book Club.

Here’s to restoring enthusiasm in American history for you, and your kids. — David Bruce Smith, founder, and Hope Katz Gibbs, executive producer, the Grateful American™ Foundation

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