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How Colonial Williamsburg Is Planting The Seeds To Revitalize America

May 25, 2018

Forbes May 25, 2018  — Contributor Robert Reiss interviews Mitchell Reiss, President and CEO of Colonial Williamsburg, about how the place may reunite a fractured country through a shared heritage.

Today, many would call America a divided nation once again, hungry for another miracle. I submit, though, that what America needs now to stitch us back together has actually been with us all along. The single best step we can take, I believe, is to return to the principles that have sustained us from the beginning. I know, it’s a revolutionary idea. And it is clear that the one place to unite us through our shared heritage is Colonial Williamsburg.

Unlike any place in the world, Colonial Williamsburg is home to 301 acres of common ground for all Americans. Here is where we forged our principles and our identity – a heady blend of freedom and courage, opportunity and enterprise. I believe if there is any one place that can rejuvenate and refocus all Americans toward a more united future, it is Williamsburg. When you visit this place, you feel the magic of what it means to be an American — regardless of when and how you and your family entered the American story.

What follows is a story of the rebuilding of Williamsburg, and why it is so vital to our future.  Read the entire article >>


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