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July 2016: Grateful American™ Kids Rock — and Here’s Why!

David Bruce Smith’s Grateful American™ Foundation is proud to release the  “Grateful American™ Kids Rock!” music video,
which stars 30 students from The Steward School in Richmond, VA, who rap and dance to lyrics that honor America’s Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers.

The students include: 

  • Kindergarteners: Ava, Ozzie, Gabe, and Grady
  • First Graders: Kadan, Lucky, Jennifer, Tison, Virginia, Dylan, Scarlett, Hanna, and Nora
  • Second Graders: Colby (as Thomas Jefferson), Kamran, Nadine, Jack, Karina, and James
  • Third Graders: Lillie Grace (as Dolley Madison), Luke (as Alexander Hamilton), Kamillah, Luna, Jadyn, Spencer (as George Washington), Nels, Marc (Ben Franklin), Sadie, Jordyn, and Anne

Special thanks to Bonnie Anderson and John McAlister, the maestros at The Steward School who put music to the words and taught the students to rock out with history. Thanks also to Cary Jamieson, director of the Bryan Innovation Lab at the Steward School, and Rachel Williard, director of marketing and communications. And kudos to the marvelous moms at The Steward School who supplied all the costumes and helped dress 30 students.

Click here to read the lyrics so you can sing along!

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