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December 2016: Grateful American™ Kids Introduce Us to Revolutionary Era Painter Charles Willson Peale

Revolutionary Era artist Charles Willson Peale’s long life spanned a period of dramatic changes in America, and in American art. Born near Annapolis, MD, on April 15, 1741, he died 85 years later in Philadelphia on Feb 22, 1827. His work, some of which hangs in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond, VA, depicts the historic people and places that existed when the Colonies were new.

To restore enthusiasm in American history for students K-12, we created Grateful This month we’re releasing the first in a series of videos starring students. Special thanks to Richmond re-enactor Chris Dunn (who portrays Peale), and the 4th grade class from Richmond’s Sabot at Stony Point, who bring to life the story of this celebrated artist.

What can Grateful American™ Kids teach you about this extraordinary man and this family? Scroll down for a transcription of the script, and be sure to watch our video at Then, find out if you know as much as a 4th grader by taking our quiz at the end of this article!

Here’s to kids teaching kids about American history! — Grateful American™ Foundation founder David Bruce Smith and Executive Producer Hope Katz Gibbs

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