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Which opera by Rossini was produced today in 1829?

August 31st

operaAugust 31, 1829 — Today, the Opera “Guillaume Tell” is produced in Paris. The four-act performance, by Gioachino Rossini, is based on Friedrich Schiller’s play William Tell.

Drawing on the William Tell legend, the opera was Rossini’s last, although he lived for nearly 40 more years. The overture, in four sections and featuring a depiction of a storm as well as a vivacious finale, the “March of the Swiss Soldiers,” is often played.

Charles Malherbe, archivist at the Paris Opéra, discovered the original orchestral score of the opera at a secondhand book seller’s shop, resulting in its being acquired by the Paris Conservatoire.

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Words of Wisdom

William tell, William tell,
Take your arrow, grip it well,
There’s the apple– – aim for the middle– –
Oh well … you just missed by a little.

― Shel Silverstein, Falling Up

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